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    Lee Friedlander Stems

Friedlander, Lee
Göttingen, Steidl, 2003.

bestel nr. #390
Prijs EUR 62.00

Hardcover with plate on illustrated board.
65 black and white plates of Still Life fresh flowers in glass vases.



    Warhol Makos

Geldzahler, Henry e.a.
London, Virgin Book, 1988.

bestel nr. #253
Prijs EUR 20.00

Hardback with dustjacket. 21,5 x 27 cm. 127 pages. Profusely illustrated. with black and white photographs. Fine copy from the collection of Boudewijn Büch.
Photographer Christopher Makos was one of Andy's closest friends.



    Beautiful London

Gernsheim, Helmut
London, Phaidon.

bestel nr. #422
Prijs EUR 35.00

Hardcover with dustjacket. Hardcover slightly bend. Dustjacket missing some small parts at top and bottom of spine. Further Fine copy. 23 x 30,5 cm.
103 Plates from black and white photographs by Helmut Gernsheim with a forewordby James Pope/Hennessy.



    human conditions intimate portraits

Gierstberg, Frits
Rotterdam, Nederlands Foto Instituut.

bestel nr. #815
Prijs EUR 15.00

Paperback. Goed exemplaar. 24 x 30 cm. Text in nederlands, english and french.131 opages. Profusely illustrated.
Prachtige foto´s van Céline van Balen, Wout Berger/Noor Damen, Koos Breukel, Rineke Dijkstra, Romy Finke, Rince de Jong, Bertien van Manen, Hellen van Meene, Corinne Noordenbos en Albert van Westing.



    Robert Gober The United States Pavilion 49th Venice Biennale

Gober, Robert
Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, 2001.

bestel nr. #31
Prijs EUR 15.00

Catalogue of the Exhibition of Robert Gover at the U.S. Pavillion 49th Venice Biennale. Two booklets (photographs and text) in slipcase. Fine copy.



    The Close Season

Grant, Ken and Kelman, James
Stockport, Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2002.

bestel nr. #459
Prijs EUR 20.00

Hardcover with dustjacket. As new. 30,5 x 24,5 cm. Profusely illustrated with black and white photographs.
An inside look of the Merseyside community in which photographer Ken Grant was born.
Martin Parr's coment: 'No hidden agenda's, no exploitattion, just a short cut to knowing what it was like to be there'



    Venice in Peril

Gray, James A.
International Fund for Monuments, New York, 1970.

bestel nr. #1690
Prijs EUR 10.00

Gebonden met harde kaft. Geen omslag. 110 afbeeldingen. Engelse tekst.
Overzicht van de bedreigingen door hoog water van Venetië. Veel foto's.



    Harry Callahan

Greenough, Sarah
Boston New York London, Bulfinch Press/Little, Brown and Company, 2001.

bestel nr. #157
Prijs EUR 35.00

Paperback with double cover. 23 x 28 cm. 199 pages. 99 titone, 17 duotone and 17 color illustrations
Photographer Callahan traced from the early 1940s to the early 1990s. His lyrical and highly personal photography ranged from high contras photographs of trees silhouetted agains snow, to double exposures of his wife's nude figure merging into landscapes. This book first accompanied his second retrospective at the National Gallery of Art in Washington in 1996 and toured nationwide.



    Faces & Facades

Gruber, L. Fritz
Polaroid Corporation, 1977.

bestel nr. #827
Prijs EUR 20.00

Hardcover. No dustjacket. Frontcover some creases. Good copy. 30 x 30 cm. 68 pages. Great images.
A collection of large-format images by Ray Belcher, James Bones, Elisabetta Catalano, Marie Cosindas, Alma Davenport Dailey, Carl Fischer, Paul Huf, Peter Jones, Yousuf Karsh, Ulrich Mack, Arnold Newman, Inge Reethof, Gunter Sachs, Stephen Shore, Christian Vogt, Reinhart Wolf.




Haeberlin, Peter W.
Zürich, Manesse, 1956.

bestel nr. #1404
Prijs EUR 25.00

Hardcover with dustjacket. Text in german. Fine copy. Dustjacket slightly stained. 23x 28,5 cm. 83 pages black and white photographs.
1949-1952 druchstreifte Haeberlin Nordafrika in vier grossen Reisen. Dieses Buch schaut die Bilder im Algerische Sahara, die Niger Kolonie, Tschad - See und Mandara-Gebirge

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